A Trip to CNA Philippines

Yesterday, my sister and I went to the mall to buy some medicine for me and my dad. We've been longing to visit CNA but we lived far away... but we just moved and we're just minutes away from there, so off we went! It was such a hilarious and memorable experience for me. We got lost on our way there, and we also got lost on our way back home. We really didn't know which way to go, what vehicle to take, and the sort. But I really enjoyed our LRT trip (oh no, it's not my first time, no.) I think there were only 20 people on the train. 

Luckily, although we got lost and almost didn't find it, well, we found it! We rode from Roosevelt and we got off at Pedro Gil and once you're out of the LRT station, just a little bit of a walk and you'll see a new building and, there it is! Oh and if you get tired or hungry from walking back and forth and going around the store (as if it was a big mall) like we did, there's a Jollibee just beside CNA. Check out CNA's page HERE

When I entered the store I was sooooo speechless and I was just giggling and everything. Well, what can I do? =)
It really is a haven for Korean (everything) lovers like me.

Oh, this is just me being super happy that we found it.

Oh my gee.. Korean cosmetics! 

SOCKS! I love them. 


KARA and SISTAR posters! =) Not for sale though..

php 100-140 Cosmetic Eye Lashes 

Kpop Albums!!!! =)) I love that they have SNSD, Kim Hyun Joong and CNBlue. But wait. No IU??
 :( aw.

Cute gift boxes.. :))

KPOP SOCKS!! OMG. :D they're 80 pesos per pair. Not baaad. :) I actually bought one. Taeyeon of SNSD. =) I will buy the other 8 members of SNSD when I come back. MWAHAHAHA. :D

Some cosmetic masks.. :)

Clips, clips, clips. :D <3

They have THE CUTEST earrings! They cost 60 pesos each! =)

Headbands. I need you. :)


I really like this bow but I didn't get to buy it.  70 php. <3

I'm planning to buy a pair of glasses from CNA and have my lenses there. Mataas kasi grado ko.. :/ :)

Earrings Section. Gee, now I'm really speechless. :)

I really want this TaeTiSeo's Twinkle Poster, but.... :(


PRICES are... okay. Items are affordable and the prices are fair.

MISSING IU and SNSD albums! I was looking for those! And also, Miss A, KARA and T-ara albums.
I also really wanted posters, too bad they're not yet selling any.
I love the NAME TAGS. I really want SNSD name tags, I hope I can have them soon. :)

COMMENTS.. There's just one thing I didn't like, and that's being followed around the store. :))

Oh there, there. 'will talk about CNA again soon. I will surely visit again and soon. =D

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