REVIEW: A Short Hair Story + My First Magic "Glam" Perm Experience at Rina & Boss Hair Salon

A quick story about my hair history for those of you who didn't know me in person or if it's your first time here on my blog: I actually have had so many things done to my hair in just a span of 20-something years. It all started back in high school when we had to take up an extra class and be a part of a club. I was a Journalism member of our English department for 3 years prior to my senior year, which is why I decided to take up (guess what--) Cosmetology instead on my last year. You know, just to try something "new". Suffice it to say, that was when I learned and discovered a lot of things about haircuts and hairstyles that my virgin hair went through several hair transformations from straightening, relaxing, and eventually to different kinds of perming.

To cut the story short-ish, I got my first perm (I got a traditional perm or what they call a cold perm) at home and I loved it. Since then, I had to have my hair permed at least once a year and I was actually a very happy girl. Fast forward to my college days when I discovered digital perming. It was a tad more expensive than traditional perms but the results were way, way more beautiful than the curls I used to have. I got my first digital perm when I was on my second year of college. Was it good? Yes. Was it worth it? Definitely. The only boo-hoo here is that my salon closed down months after I got my perm. 

When I graduated college, my hair was shoulder-length and I wanted to give it another digital perm-- my only dilemma being, I didn't know where to get it done. My mom had hers done a few times by different salons which I will not name and the service was terrible despite it being an "okay" digital perm. After that, my mom and I just decided to go back to the old traditional cold perming. 

Fast forward to 2017, and I was already 2 years in to my work and one day I just decided to get my hair permed at home. Unfortunately, my trusty hair perm solution was already phased out and so I opted for a new solution that I was able to buy at a Watson's store. The result? It was alright. Unfortunately, it damaged my hair and so I had to get a Keratin treatment worth php6000 at a salon and ultimately had to cut it in a long bob a few months after. 


So it's been 5 months since my haircut and it was so damaged, so much so at the top part that it was such a pain to look at. Seriously! So I thought about getting a rebond or even a shorter haircut just to "fix" it or at least make it look at least 10% better than it is. 

I wanted to go back to my usual local hair salon to get my hair fixed, but when I searched online, I didn't like the results that the other bloggers had-- some got perms that looked like they were "cooked" noodles and I was afraid that I was going to go through this mumbo-jumbo 6k hair transformation all over again. So then I continued to search for more salons and had my final two choices. The first one was a Korean salon where my friend Amabelle had hers done, and it was so pretty! The other one was Rina & Boss that I accidentally found online, as you know, being the usual Korean junkie I am. In the end, I went with my second option Rina & Boss (as to why, it was actually just a gut feeling!) and if I may say, it was THE best decision I've ever made for my hair.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. All sponsored posts on this blog will be labeled as "sponsored". 

This photo below is my hair situation a month prior to my appointment. As you can see, it was wavy and dry and UGHHHHH.

This is what I looked like when I was having my hair rebonded! Wait, what? Hold on, let me explain in a bit. Scroll on down, girl!

Service iced coffee and cookies. YUM. ("Service" or seo-bi-ju in Korea usually means free stuff, or something given to you for free when you go to a restaurant or a salon.) I don't eat nuts, so I gave the big cookie to my mom.

My stylist Victoria when she was styling my hair! :))

Final result after the blow dry, approximately an hour after my treatment >>>

Details, Details, Details:

WHAT: Rina & Boss Hair Salon (they appear sometimes on the internet as "Lina and Boss", but note that the "R" and "L" in the Korean alphabet are actually the same letter)
WHO: Who got styled? ME! Who was my stylist? Miss Victoria!
WHEN: July 8th, 2018, on a Sunday afternoon
WHY: I needed my hair fixed!
WHERE: 67-B Sct. Rallos St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

What went down:

I scheduled for an appointment the day before. I came to the salon about an hour early, but they entertained me as soon as I came so I didn't have to wait for a long time. The first thing we did was we sat down with my stylist Victoria and she showed me different photos of styles I could pick as my hair peg. I initially went to the salon for a basic digital perm which costs php4000 for short hair, but Victoria and her assistant Maeann suggested that I should get a glam perm instead taking into consideration what my hair went through the past year and the damage on the top as I have said. At that time, I didn't know what a glam perm was since I only did my research on digital perms. But my mom insisted that I should get the glam perm instead of the basic digital perm so I can rest assured that I won't end up with another hair misery, so in the end, I said "let's do it!!!"

After the talk-through, they washed my hair and my stylist started with a haircut. I said I just didn't want bangs and she could do whatever she wanted with my hair. In the end, I got layers I actually like and my hair didn't get short so at that point, I was actually very happy. After cutting my hair, they put on the curlers and then straightened my hair-- my hair was super soft and straight that I thought about keeping it that way for a good minute! The next thing they did was put on the hair treatment and some hair protectant, and then the final touch was the curlers. Before washing my hair, I had vicious curls which I actually liked, but Victoria said they would look more loose and natural after the final touches. 

And my hair's done! I'm so happy with the result of my hair. In all honesty, I didn't even know that it was something that could be done at a salon as I was only acquainted with cold perms and digital perms. 

How much did the whole thing cost? I was going to go for the Basic Glam Perm but my hair has had a lot of treatments done to it for the past several months so Victoria recommended either the Repair Glam Perm or the Crystal Glam Perm. The package (inclusions: glam perm, treatment, hair protection, haircut, and styling) is originally at php13,000 but they actually have an ongoing promo that you may not be able to resist!  

Visit their Facebook page at /RinaandBoss/ or Instagram account @rinaboss0001 to inquire and avail of their ongoing promos. You can get 40% off this July and an additional 10% off on some of their services if you like and share their Facebook page! Also, tell Victoria that I sent you in case you go! ;)

Will I go back? Definitely.
Any other services I want to try? I want to get my hair color done!

Other Observations: They are packed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, so be sure to book an appointment (details on their IG account) and BE ON TIME for your appointment.

Special thanks to my stylist Victoria once again for helping me achieve my dream curls and for being my new Korean 선생님. Thanks Maeann and team for the best service I've had so far at a salon, will definitely go back for my next hair adventure!



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Sunset Glow

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Saturday afternoon shoot with layers of clothing on + coffee + a pink octopus. 

Shout-out to a new friend who taught me to get out of my comfort zone (and try to sport some florals) and to my sister who does amazing makeup. <3

I'm wearing...
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Sim Cheong

I take it back.

Since preparatory I've been in different kinds of uniforms and the only times we were allowed to wear "other clothes" were on our birthdays and on the weekends. Since then, and even all throughout college I felt like I needed to dress to the nines every time I could-- being the fashion-enthusiast I was even when I was a little girl.

I said in one of my previous blog posts that basics and I would never marry-- flash forward to a few months after I said it, I've become a basics-fan as well. When you go to work and go out every single day and be able to wear what I used to call "other clothes", and you have to brave Manila's humid and sunny weather and its unbelievable traffic, you'll soon realize that the easiest and most comfortable pieces of clothing that you can wear are your basics. So, there. I take it back. You might see me in a floral dress and mules on my next blog post, but today, let me be that girl in an oversize hoodie and old sneakers.

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On my Face:
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