There's Something About Leather..

Hello! I'm back, yahoo! I hope everyone's having a fantastic and fun- filled Sunday. Because to some people (like me) it only means that I have very little time left to do my homework, to study all my reading assignments, and to finish writing my papers. So this morning I wanted to wake up earlier than usual (I wanted to get everything done!) but of course, I ended up sleeping in. I woke up a little later, had breakfast, ( > did other stuff <),  had my make-up done by my sister.. and off I went ~

It's really hot today! Fortunately, it only took us a couple of minutes to shoot. The funny thing though, I think my laptop knew exactly how eager I am to finish this post as fast as I could that it started acting up and my pictures turned out all blurry. Oh well. After two hours of screaming at it "Come on," here it is.

So today I'm featuring two looks.. I got a new favorite top ( thank you sis =) ), my old- new pair of sparkly shorts, and (*gasp* finally!) a leather skirt. So where to begin? My (awesome and generous) sister took us (me & my mom) shopping last week, and I was looking for either a pullover or a sweater. I thought that was funny, since in two weeks' time it'll be Summer, and it's very unlikely that I'll be needing them. But I really wanted to buy something like that, and so I ended up with this 3/4 striped beauty. Oh, and I also got to buy (okay, my sister bought it for me) a leather skirt! I was looking for one for so long, I was so happy when I saw it at the mall. And of course, at times like this, even if it's a size small, you'll convince yourself that it's perfect for you.. and then you'll turn up with every reason to buy it. :) I also tried it on with my shorts (seen at a previous post)  because I couldn't choose which looks better! These shorts are so comfy and simple, I can pair them up with almost every top in my closet. I bought it also because of the metallic- looking detail in the pockets (oh, I love sparkles!)

Oh, and guess what?? Demi Lovato's coming to perform here in the Philippines, and we have the tix! (So psyched!)

But as much as I want to tell you pretty much everything that happened from my last post until today, I need to return to my reality ( >> unfinished research papers << ) so I guess this is it for now.. Until next time! xoxo

| TOP: Forever 21 | Leather Skirt: SLY | HEELS: Parisian | Doughnut (hair) Bun: The Pink Box | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Evil Eye Necklace: Vintage | Bracelets: Greenhills | Shorts: Landmark | Oxfords: Christian Siriano | 

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