Tops-ieee Turvy

I have a secret that I'm going to tell you guys. *Ahooo.. here goes* I really, really, hate wearing straight-cut tops that are sleeveless. Okay, you might have seen them on me here on the blog but the truth is, I never wear them out. NEVER. Sometimes, I wear them and I take pictures for a blog post but after that I always grab my sweater to cover myself up- not because I think it's too revealing (I don't think sleeveless tops are, well... that depends on how you will style/ wear them!) but because I'm just never comfortable to wear them as they are. I do see ones when I window shop that I think are really pretty, and so sometimes, I think of ways to wear them without really burying them under jackets or sweaters. (Yes. I'm trying really hard to convince myself that I can work with sleeveless tops. ^^)

Here*, I used a sleeveless top as a vest (I prefer ones with buttons because I think they are more versatile) which was more comfortable for me because it was loose (all hail the person who invented buttons) and it didn't cling onto my body like a taco wrap (haha! XD). I wore my black corset under, paired it with a blue lace skirt (which has pearls! ^^), black stockings, a tan bag, and some ankle boots...
 | TOP: Forever 21 | CORSET: Apartment 8 Clothing | SKIRT: Forever 21 | BOOTS: Jolie | BAG: Sylvia Santos |

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