Project C: Cheon Song Yi (별에서 온 그대)

Holy spaghetti! I forgot about my watermark...
So, this is a post I've been trying to squeeze in for several days now, and because these pictures were taken a while back, I seem to have forgotten about what I was going to write! XD (......................)Since I was in sixth grade, I've been watching Korean dramas and one of those I've seen recently is the hit SBS Drama, You Who Came From the Stars. Not only was the story written brilliantly, but the directing, the acting, and the fashion (hoohoo the fashioonn) were also superb (Two thumbs up from meeee!~). Cheon Song Yi (played by Jun Ji Hyun, Sassy Girl), my inspiration for today's post, is an actress famous for her good looks, nasty temper, and great fashion sense. One of the looks she sported was this combo of black tee and laced shorts with trimmings while singing OST Queen Baek Ji Young's hit, Like Being Shot by a Bullet. I absolutely love the simplicity and the vulnerability of the black on black outfit, I just had to recreate it! Somehow. As you can see, I'm wearing a white top over a pair of tartan shorts, so that's quite far from what I had in mind. Nevertheless, I'm happy about how my version turned out. It became more like "channeling Cheon Song Yi" than "something Cheon Song Yi wore", plus, these shorts with the cute trimmings were a steal.

|WHITE TOP: Plains and Prints| BUTTON DOWN: Forever21| HAT: SM Accessories| SHORTS: Forever21| CHARM BRACELET: Envy| SHOES: Primadonna| 

Retrieved from: koreandramafashion.com

Retrieved from: kstarwiki.com

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