Project C: 유세영 (최지우) 유혹 Choi Ji Woo

Here's something about me only a few people know: I reaaaallyyy admire (LOVE) South Korean actress Choi Ji Woo (최지우)! :D I'm currently juggling her old shows and her most recent drama, Temptation, which I am really happy about. Yoo Se Young, Ji Woo sshi's character in 유혹 (Temptation), is a chaebol who is blessed with a very big closet full of high- end designer clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories that seem to have come directly from the runways. Due to this fact, she's being dubbed by fashion critics and drama fanatics as the second Cheon Song Yi (You Who Came from the Stars), who also became a famous character and an icon because of her eye for fashion. ^^

Noooow, about the shoot...^^
So yesterday we had the shoot at my favorite café of all time: Subspace Coffee House! We were there last year about the same time, before my birthday, and now there we were again, to have a pre- birthday celebration. :)) The "theme" of my pre- birthday celebration was a fusion of some things/ people that I really love: South Korea, Choi Ji Woo, Gillian Anderson, coffee, cupcakes, and art. Charlie ordered a purple potato latte for me with a Choi Ji Woo latte art, and I dressed up (hahaha) as Yoo Se Young (I tried my best to look seductive in the photos. Nah, I'm kidding.)! It was such a sweet day. I wasn't able to get the name of the Barista who worked on my latte, but I gave him an Instax shot of it (something I've never done before), as a 'thank you'. The latte art was so beautifully crafted that I almost cried (thank God I did not). After that we went to Mr. Park's, had a short stroll, went to some stores, and of course, took some photos for the blog! :D

Here they are. xoxo

| DRESS: Kei & Kori| BAG: Parfois| BOOTS: Forever 21| WRWATCH: Guess| BRACELET(right wrist): Envy|

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