Bulgogian Seoul: Diary #7 Han River Park

Wow. I can't believe it's been a month since I visited South Korea. I've been posting photos from my trip since I came back (hey, there now Instagram), but it's only now that I have finally calmed down and decided that it's time to share a few words with you all. I stayed in Seoul for several days with a few friends and block-mates, and we settled in a lovely yet crazily chaotic part of town called Myeongdong. If you've been to Korea and/or you're a fan of the culture, dollars to donuts is that you know exactly where/what I am talking about. ;) *virtual high-five!*

I actually went to Korea to participate in the Harvard World Model United Nations 2015 (hi relatives), an event that took place in KINTEX from the 16th of March to the 20th. Just a quick side note: I found out that the drama Master's Sun shot a couple of scenes in KINTEX only after the trip (whyyy), but I'm so happy that I got to take some shots there. ^^ (Anyways) We stayed a little longer for the sake of sightseeing, OF COURSE. :) I made my itinerary about 3 months prior the trip, and yes, it included many K-Drama spots and all. I didn't get to follow my itinerary to the letter and I am still a little sad about it, but wth, I can always go back. Hopefully next year? Hopefully with my family too. I would love to meet-up with some people I made friends with during my visit as well.

We arrived in Incheon on a Friday and it was a little after dinner time. My first thought was that 'gosh, it's so cold.' I think some people I know would really hate the cold weather, but I honestly really loved it. Everyday was a challenge. It was the last leg of Winter and so the temperature was always on the negative or it was really low. (Okay that's really an unnecessary piece of info, but I'll let it be.) I wore 5 layers of clothing at the most, and I think during that time it was  -6 degrees C. I planned my clothes ahead of time because I knew it was going to be really cold, but I didn't bring that many; I brought two jackets and I bought one in Myeongdong's underground shopping center. The reason why I brought this up is because I had intended to take outfit photos for Bulgogian Soul. But it was really cold (you've got to take my word for it, or else I might say it again, haha) that I couldn't take my coat off, even just for a moment. I'll pause for a second here and express my regrets and take them up to space. I think the only time I posed for some outfit posts was when we had accidentally passed by the Seoul Fashion Week in Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Oh my goodness. It was pure coincidence, but it felt as if the fates had purposedly led me to where I was supposed to be. I heard a little after that there were many actors and bloggers that were at the venue. I wish I had stayed longer. But it's all in the past. *moves on* *pretends to*

I liked the weekends better than the weekdays because we were able to visit more places during the weekends of our stay. But it was actually also nice that we were able to visit Namsan Park and the You Who Came from the Stars Drama Exhibit during the weekdays. It was so, so lovely that we were able to go to Han River Park two times as well. It was a place I've always wanted to visit. We were also able to go to the Seoul Color Park and Kyobo Bookstore. Hongdae and Edae were also very beautiful. Hongdae was full of artsy people and music enthusiasts, and I can remember thinking to myself about how lively it was. Edae was really nice too, especially when we got to the area of the university. Oh my. I'm starting to think that this might become my longest blog post yet. I guess there's just so many photographs and memories to share and frankly, I'm becoming overwhelmed myself. I have so many stories that I want to write about right now, but I know it'd be an eye-sore (for you!) and needless to say, it's quite late now and I still have classes tomorrow. Haha! I just wanted to squeeze this in, really. It just so happens that I got bored this morning and so I started looking through my phone's camera roll. Nostalgia kicked in pretty quickly and hard when my eyes rested on a couple of photos from Seoul. It instantly reminded me of things and motivated me to write about it now. So, here we are, haha! ~ :D

I know I stopped in the middle of telling you about what I did and where I went in Seoul, but I think it's best to cut it short. (better late than neverrrrrr hahaha) Seoul was amazing and it was everything I thought it would be and more. People were kind and warm, and the places we've been to were just as amazing. As some of you might know, this blog's name came about because of my love for Korean culture. "Bulgogi" is actually a popular beef (/meat) and rice dish in Korea, and it was one of the firsts I've ever tasted and eaten. This blog's name was originally "Bulgogian Seoul", and I originally intended for it to be a blog about Korean stuff. However, over the years I have fallen in love with fashion and I decided that I wanted to blog about it. The blog changed because of that, and the name sort of followed and found its way to what it is now.

It's indeed a lovely country, and I cannot wait to go back and fulfill that itinerary! XD I bet by the time I'm able to visit again, I'd have a couple more places to add to that list. ;) Anyways, I'm going to stop writing now and get back to that written report due next week. :D

P.S. Thank you for reading! Until my next blog post. ^^


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