Trendsetter's Bazaar 2016.06

Hey guys! So yesterday we finally got to go to the WTC to visit the Trendsetter's Bazaar! *YAY*
I've been wanting to go for the longest time but fate has kept me from doing so... haha!  I was really busy with uni things+duties during the first half of the year, and because we recently moved into our new place as well, traveling to places as far as Pasay City was just plain difficult. Anyway, it was not my first visit as I've been to hundreds of bazaars (thanks to my family that loves bargain/thrift shops as much as I do), but I haven't been to a single one this year and I have seen countless of photos and comments that the shops joining this season sell really good, really cheap, really nice stuff ( <-- true enough haha). I was able to pick up a few items meself, but I was too overwhelmed by the amount of pretty things that I saw that I wasn't able to remember the names of the shops I bought these stuff from. (I'm so sorryyyyy. :'( ) I do recall where I got my waterbrush and watercolor paper though! They are from the Craft Central (IG: @thecraftcentral) and they also have an online store that you can shop at. I have tried neither the brush nor the paper, but I'm already loving the fact that the paper pack that I bought included a 600++ gsm paper! (ahhh <3)

***To find out Trendsetter's next schedule, you can check out their Instagram @trendsettersteam. :)

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