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A friend once told me that I should invest (more) on basic clothing. Since then, every time I visited a store/the mall, I would find myself really frustrated and desperately looking for a few everyday pieces that would suit my fancy. However, over the months I finally understood that basic wear and I would never ever marry. In other words, the hunt for these so-called closet necessities is finally over. (At least, maybe, for a few more years or so!) If you've seen what's inside my closet, you'd know that I only own a few basic shirts, maybe two pairs of pants, and one plain rain jacket. If you have seen my closet, you'd also know that most of my garments are anything but simple and laid-back. I guess that was just never my style. Proof: When I was in college I was often teased about how I would wear a cape top at a seminar (it wasn't inappropriate but it sure was a head-turner) and how I would pick an off-the-shoulder top with crochet details and asymmetrical shorts for a video that was supposedly set at home. My other friends made it a point to let me know that my way of dressing is a bit unconventional-- for a Filipina in my hometown anyway. I've seen other bloggers and fashion enthusiasts who are way bolder than I am in terms of style, which is probably why I became braver. I now always opt for key pieces that are unique and know how to make a statement, and I no longer get embarrassed about it. I kinda was when I was still in school, but I guess I've made peace with it now. The bottom line here is that, everyone should be who they are, dress however they want to, and embrace their own kind of style. ^^


I'm wearing:
| top: thrifted | skirt: thrifted | shoes: keds ph | leaf bangle: parfois ph |
 \by mom

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