Hello Sunshine!

Feeling a little more brave today as I tried a fashion piece I swore I'd never wear- a corset! The idea of it before made me cringe! The way (I saw) it fit the upper part of the body was scary, I thought to myself, what if I suffocate? (like Elizabeth in Pirates of the Carribean!) But corsets, corsets, corsets! They are all I've been seeing for the past weeks.. (like they're calling my name) I see them everywhere, in fashion magazines, in blogs... and just recently, I thought, 'what the heck, I'll give it a try'. But finding a good corset is as excruciating as deciding to finally try one (well, at least for me).  A large corset is never flattering, and a small one might  (will) make you look skimpy (or like you're not breathing! (-: ) From a corset hater, I became a corset fan- to the point of looking for one at every. single. shop at the mall.. and of course it comes with ranting about wanting to have one.
Fortunately, my sister Charlie who has a really good eye for these kinds of things, found a perfect one for me last Sunday at the Ramp! (big thanks and hugs!!)

And by perfect, well... it's exactly what it's supposed to mean (it was the exact color I was looking for, it has a nice shape, excellent quality..) there's just one thing that wasn't right- the size. It was a bit big, *everywhere*, but it was too darn cute to be left ( and if I did, I imagine I would be devastated) but thank God, it's nothing my talented mom can't fix!

A little sewing and tadaa~! It now fits me perfectly! We paired it up with this yellow high- waisted skirt. It was kind of love at first sight because when my sister was buying this coral blue tulle skirt it was on the same rack, and the next thing I knew, my sister was already paying for it. Hahaha! (*insert evil laugh here*)

A pair of heels to give the look an extra classy- elegant feel, and a turquoise bib necklace for a nice play of colours!

| HAT: SM Accessories | CORSET TOP: Apartment 8 Clothing | SKIRT: Pill Clothing and Footwear | NECKLACE: Thrifted | SHOES: M+Y|

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