What a Girl Wants

Last week my mom surprised me and took me shopping... at The Ramp! One of my favourite stores/ brands at the moment... (If you'd read my previous blog post, you'd know why) A floral corset (my second corset! again, an accomplishment! :) ), a bandage skirt featuring the Elizabeth Tower (something that I am very much excited to wear and show you), a pair of wedges, and this hat that I really adore-- (I would probably be wearing it all the time, haha!) too many great finds in one day! It made me extremely happy (but that's no surprise.)

So today I wore everything but the skirt- the tan hat, wedges, and the floral corset will work harmoniously, I thought, but the "Tower"/ London bandage skirt.. let's just say it has a different tune.. (am I still making sense? No? To put it simply, they just clash) so I resorted to this soft leather skirt (which if I may say, is rather exhausted) but needless to say, I achieved the look I was going for- kind of like a girl- next- door with a little hint of edgy (an impression I always get, thanks to leather skirts) with a summer- y vibe... too bad summer's almost over, but, (haha!) who cares? :)

(P.S. Thanks to my sister, half of my hair is now moss green! Did you notice?) :D

| TOP: WAGW| SKIRT: Forever 21| SHOES: The Ramp| HAT: Embellish |

Featuring my neighbor's dog, Snickers!

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  1. Leather skirts don't usually agree with me in terms of style but this looks lovely on you.

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