Spring Wishing


I just realized how often I've been asked to describe my style and how difficult it is to give a satisfying answer. It's like people and those "I- want- to- get- to- know- you" autograph books always demand an answer that could fit a word, or a line or two. But how can  do you, when style and fashion are evolving, and trends are forever changing? I mean, are there really lines that separate one style from the other to begin with? In pursuit to answer this question, I often turn to my closet, but then it leaves me no wiser. Some of my clothes scream "girl next door", some scream "vintage", some scream "edgy"... (some of them even scream, "throw me out" heehee. JK ^ ^ ) But my point is, today, I think the simplest (and easiest) description anyone can give when asked about their fashion sense/ style is "ME!" Why? Well, each person has their own personality that makes them unique and different from all the rest, and I think what mainly, if not wholly, influences style is individuality. But then again, it's just me talking.

Anyway, I thought about this because today I opted to dress... well, like me! Sheer cut out shoulder top + soft leather skirt + Mary Janes; definitely screams 100% me. I love this top my sister bought me just yesterday because it's really light, it's cool (as in it doesn't make me feel like it had absorbed all the heat from the sun) and its beautiful shade of blue and flower prints make me think of Spring! (yes, I'm still wishing we had Spring!) I paired it up with this leather skirt that is quite longer and softer than my other one (yes, now I have two! an accomplishment!) because I didn't want to wear stockings, and it's a bit short.. And these heels.. well it does seem that I'm always wearing them. That's because they're really comfy, and they give you just enough "extra height." Also... noticed anything different?? Red lips! Like, really, really red lips! I'm in love with this shade of red by M&Co. really easy to apply, long wearing, and its sleek black container gives me the impression that it's worth a gazillion bucks! (is that a word? =D ) Anyhow, wishing you all a great day! And, oh, happy first of May! xoxo 

| TOP: Thrifted | SKIRT: Forever 21 | NECKLACE1: Just G. | BAG: Esprit | BANGLE: Forever 21 |SHOES: Parisian |
Photos/ Make- up: Charlie

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