Say Chez

..Some pictures from this cute café that we went to on the day before my birthday >> they sold *rainbow colored* (okay, fruit flavoured would be a better description.. :D ) macarons and
many variants of pudding in really adorabubble (Dear Betty, I owe you this word. ^^) jars. Also, we went to this authentic Korean restaurant Yoogane (see the pics below) where they served really good Banchan. And this picture of me was taken behind a Japanese donut stall. (Yes, we went to three different *cities? districts? towns? places for food. Yes, this happens a lot. Yes, we love food. (always have and always will) Okay. No judging! :D)
WAGW Corset | F101 Skater Skirt | Celine Bag | Possibility (The Ramp) Flats

Chez Karine | Yoogane | Gavino's Donuts

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