Rocket to the Moon

~A Café that has this vintage-y feel (it's as if I was on the set of Fringe (note the typewriter)... or the X-Files!)~ ... is space (aliens, space, space, aliens..) -inspired, the whole place's surrounded by Korean music (K-pop!) merchandise... it's as if this café was made after my own imagination. K-pop, UFOs, and vintage stuff= this café is my match made in heaven! (Wait, is that something you can say about a café? If not, *haha! you still get the point, don't you?) :D Also loved the fact that they made a Minion art on my purple latte... I felt so special! I even dressed up "for the occasion", you see.. *in a Minion shirt that my sister gave me while I sipped on the cup of my Minion latte- they must have been under the impression that I'm only a grade- schooler.. But that's okay, since I have fully come to terms with the fact that I... am rather a child at heart (way to put it subtly, eh?) haha! but you know, I'm not the only one around ^^ Anyway, enjoy the pictures! xo

(P.S. My sister got an Evil Minion on her Dark Chocolate Latte! :D)

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