Project C: The Blonde

 Hello! Today's post is quite unique to me since there are many things I've changed and tried and did for the very first time. First off; I hope you've noticed.. I've changed backdrops! Kidding. (*ha.ha.*) I think they don't call 'em like that. I meant.. (ahem) locations. I've changed LOCATIONS. ^^ Some of my readers (you guys) have been asking me why I've always shot at the same location. Well, here's the answer: I am a lazy bum. Haha! The thing is, the place where I did almost all of my blog posts (photo shoots) was quite near to where I live and it was at that time the most comfortable location to put on my blogger face* (as if there is such a thing) or lie on the ground in my dress and heels as my sis takes my picture. And I didn't really want to walk far from my home, in my heels, ..., with at least 3 cameras in my hands (shoulders), ... (of course Charlie [my sister/ photographer/ stylist] always helps me with everything... actually, she does most of the work, so thank you** <3) and seriously, dude, there are so many people in the streets at anytime of the day and I really, reaaalllllyyy don't like being stared at. But of course, we still get stared at (sometimes people even watch).

ANYWAY, I'm really happy that we found a new place where we can shoot^^ ...we have to walk farther though. *Sigh* But you know, apparently, there's a newly found courage within that may have come from these 3 inch- heels ( They hurt like hell but they make me feel powerful. :D *insert evil laugh here* lol) or perhaps it was just because there was actually a truck that blocked the main road in our old location. I don't know. Haha! :) Anyhow, I think I'm beginning to like looking for new locations for my blog (I haven't had the pleasure to travel yet but I hope I get the chance soon)~ (but I can't promise where I'll be shooting next) :)) Also, *drumroll please* I changed my hair up a bit. ^^   Have you noticed? :) My stylist colored it green GREEN green ~ (yes. again.) but it turned out a bit blue- ish. But I still kinda like it because it (my new hair color) reminds me of blogger Jana Wind and I adore her! <3 We also changed the settings of our camera and I think the pictures are a little bit clearer/ better? (I dunno why I'm telling you this. *TMI*)

Okay. So, to the post! Today's blog entry is my second Project C (C for concept lol) post and today I dressed up as... Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad. ^^

Photo retrieved from stylesalvation.wordpress.com

Chiara Ferragni is a designer/ blogger/ fashion icon who I've discovered on Instagram last year, and recently I've come across this look of hers that was pulled off quite nicely which is a white tank top and a long black tulle skirt combo. I love how the outfit felt as if it could be worn at any occasion. ^^ The top was really casual but the color and the length of the tulle made the outfit look a bit formal, and the bag with the animal print was indeed a nice touch to that rock n' roll vibe. The outfit to me just screams, "edgy princess" which is why I think I like it (hellooo Avril Lavigne ^^ lol) and so I tried to recreate the look using items already available in my closet (...okay, okay, in this case in my mom and my sister's closet.. haha!)

My version: A white top with lace cut- outs (which I forgot to take a picture of) + A blue tulle skirt (a bit shorter than Chiara's) + Bangles + A plain body/ shoulder bag + Platform boots ( which caused me to fall/ slip more than five times today but I'm okay XP) ... ~ and Voilà!

| TOP:     | SKIRT: The Ramp | SHOES: S&H | GREEN & GOLD BANGLE: Forever 21 | WRISTWATCH: Guess | BAG: ForMe | EARRINGS: The Bead Shop |

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