Rain Girl


We just bought 5 kg of ice and right now we're making bacon cupcakes ( Charlie's the baker)!Summer has been a real bi***  jerk. I hate this hot weather and having to sit in front of the fan and feeling like you have to have a glass of ice cold water every 5 minutes and bathe every 2 hours (there I said it). I know there is an upside to summer, like, during this time you can go sun- bathing (like I need it lol), eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (I don't really like ice cream though), go to beaches and wear short/ minimal clothing (Yep although I am a certified sweater girl), and try new things (haha I have no comment about this). The bottom line: I like rainy season more than summer.

So today I wore a soft cotton long sleeved button down polo (the cloth was really thin but I was still feeling really hot (again, I blame the weather. kidding.)), with these really comfortable shorts (I would have worn a pair of pants but I couldn't, under this 90 degree- something weather), and my favorite boots! For a playful touch I chose to use my Popcorn sling bag rather than a really business-y bag (I can think of better words but I'm really tempted to use this one).

To me this is an outfit that screams, "I don't like summer and I'd rather wear my old jeans and my favorite pullover, sit on the couch and have hot cocoa, but I know I can't because I'll suffer from the heat, so my inner self will just meet my common sense halfway and wear something like this."

And so Voilà! :D

*How about you? What's your favorite season/ weather? ^ ^ I would love to hear about it!



                | TOP/ SHORTS/ BOOTS: Forever 21 | Bag: Tutum | BRACELET: Tomato Accessories | WRISTWATCH: Guess |

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