Hi. I don't know if this is an obvious thing, but I (really) love instant cameras and I especially love taking photos of practically anything with my Mini. If you've been following this blog or/ and my Instagram account, perhaps you've noticed that I've often got my instant cam with me... and that I'm really not afraid of using it. ^ ^ I just love that feeling of instant gratification; and the fact that I have to say a little prayer to the Gods about not ruining the shot every time I take one. But If I'd write about why I'm so in love with Instax shots in detail, this blogpost would probably be a few webpages long- so I'm just going to stop here. Anyway, I've been organizing/ re-organizing my Instax photos and my Lomography photos quite recently and this thought just popped into my head: It's a bit of a waste that nobody else gets to see them [shots], is not it? Film's really expensive and most of these photos have me in them (meaning somebody else took them) and some of these photos are really, reaaalllyy, beautifully captured in my opinion. They deserve some recognition, yes?

So here they are, on the blog! These are some of the shots from the month of August, year 2014. Hopefully, I can do this monthly (or every other month). :D Oh and I've tried 'em scanners but we can't get along (needless to say, I have no intention to be friends with one). I like the pictures better with some disturbing things in the background and when they are taken with my iPhone! I hope you like them... too...?

(P.S. I'm using another laptop, hence the missing watermarks. Can I please not use them? No? No? I have to? Okay.)


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