a few weeks ago, we discovered this little Japanese restaurant in Taguig City that had these conveyor belts and trains that bring the food that you order from a screen, from the kitchen straight to your table side. it was so fun to order that I almost forgot it wasn't a buffet- it was worth every penny though. 

that day there was also an immense amount of rain, which was the perfect excuse for us to grab some coffee and take shelter at a cafe. that, and I kind of had this stamp card and a planner patiently waiting for me, 

it was one of my favorite days during the Holidays, and I cannot wait to get out of my room (and finish all my uni work) and just casually enjoy the rain, the coffee, and conversations with my family. until then, I'll be dating my laptop, and we'll be solving one thesis problem at a time.

(p.s. I'm obsessed with this cape top, and I'm expecting my closet to be full of capes/cape-style clothes soon.)

I'm wearing...

| top: something borrowed, zalora ph | shorts: hm | bag: tutum shop | 

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