cold shoulder

Cold Shoulders. I'm not entirely sure about this being the most fitting dress to be in when you're going to a family reunion, but I had this phase just last month when I was slightly obsessed/very fascinated with cold shoulders- to the point where I had to get this dress in three colors. Previously, I had the same thing with off-shoulder tops that my friend even had to ask me if they were the only things in my closet- not a hundred percent true, but it made me realize that I had this certain styling/shopping pattern. Ha. 

Anyway, because I wanted to dress it down a bit, I opted to wear my sneakers instead of my favorite pair of heels from Rubi, which I think actually worked. Yay! And by the way you guys, I recently got featured by one of the stores I really love! Double yay! So there, there, until next time- thanks for stopping by. <3


| DRESS: Thrift Shop | SHOES: Keds PH | BRACELET: Something Borrowed | CHOKER: CNA PHILS |
photo by Charlie

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