choker tops

We've seen various styles and unique pieces that are note-worthy for the last couple of years here in the Philippines. Off-the-shoulder tops, cold-shoulder tops, cut-out dresses, and slit-tees are some of these that I actually became a fan of. Today, our dry markets, physical stores, and even online shops are being visited by fashionistas-at-heart and buyers who have already jumped on the bandwagon for the newest "it" fashion piece-- the choker top. A choker top is basically just a top with a boat/off shoulder neckline with an attached choker/collar piece. Choker tops have been in the US, China and South Korea for a very long time. However, choker tops have only found their way into the Philippine market (according to my observations) during the first half of the year. Chokers were very popular in the 90s in the country, but it is only a short while after Kendall Jenner's choker top post on Instagram became very popular (one of the reasons why some shops call it the "Kendall top") that independent labels have begun making these tops. A few months ago, I thought I was going to have to order from an online shop overseas because I wanted one so badly, but now there are choker tops that are being sold for 2 bucks each! I got my own at a slightly higher price (290 PhP) and I absolutely love it. 

| choker top: miss lucy |

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