Hi! Noticed anything different? If you did, I applaud you! If you still haven't, *here goes* I lost my watermark *sarcastically* >> Yeey. Recently we changed laptops and *poof* I don't know where it went and I did not even think of saving a backup copy before so... it seems as if I'm making a new one. Maybe that's none of your concern, but you know, that was really hard work (forgive me for not being a computer/ watermark/ .png making- techie) :)

Anyhow, here are some pictures from my trip to Capitol Hills- we went to this gorgeous little diner that I've really fallen in love with: Stacy's! And also some photos from my birthday. :) xo

Stacy's | Vanilla Cupcake Bakery | Cath Kidston Instax Film | Lil' Whims | Fujifilm Instax

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